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Perfect Dark Characters

Joanna Dark
Age: 23 years 2 months
Race: Human (Female)
CI File #027
Training Status: Complete
Training Grade: A++
Active Status: Assigned
Highly trained but inexperienced. Reactions superb. Proficient with a variety of weapons. Very competent all-round agent. Highest recorded training scores resulted in the creation of a new class of training grade. The embodiment of the Carrington Institute’s ideal agent, hence the call sign ‘Perfect Dark.’

Daniel Carrington
Age: 62 years 8 months
Race: Human (Male)
CI File #000
Training Status: N/A
Training Grade: N/A
Active Status: N/A
Intelligent patriarchal scientist/entrepreneur, and founder of the Carrington Institute. Plans all missions carried out by his agents and runs each operation direct from a link in his office. Strange taste in clothes.

Mr. Blonde
Age: Late 20’s
Race: Human (Male)
A striking blonde human male. Very tall, wears white clothing, usually a raincoat. Appears to be masterminding the conspiracy in which Cassandra and Trent are involved. Little else is known.

Trent Easton
Age: 46 years ? months
Race: Human (Male)
Analyst note:
Head of the National Security Agency. Has a friendship of sorts with Cassandra De Vries, although it operated more like a partnership of interest. He will tend to do what Cassandra says, possibly because although he has a dominant personality, it is not as dominant as hers. Figurehead for some of the rogue elements in the NSA.

Cassandra De Vries
Age: 39 years ? months
Race: Human (Female)
Analyst note:
The head of dtaDyne Corp. Addicted to power; dislikes being anybody’s underling. Hates it when she loses the initiative. Is prepared to do extremely unscrupulous things in order to get ahead of her competition, to whit Daniel Carrington, whom she loathes.

Age: 320 years
Race: Maian (Male)
An alien from the Maian race. He is a ‘Protector’ (bodyguard) for the Maian ambassador who travels to Earth at Daniel Carrington’s request. Protectors are trained to excell in the use of an assortment of weaonry. Elvis is a terraphile, finding Earth and everything about it fascinating.

Dr. Caroll
Age: 6 months
Race: The Caroll Sapient (AI)
An artificial intelligence created by the dataDyne Corp. with an emphasis on language skills and code breaking. Fortunately, he has morals, and due to his formidable level of intelligence has guessed some of dataDyne’s future plans. The voice is highly precise and educated and simulates the character of an academic.

The U.S. President
Age: 50 years
Race: Human (Male)
A highly educated, shrewd African-American who is trying to do what is right but is surrounded by people like Trent Easton. He believes he has Trent under control after refusing the request for the loan of the Pelagic II to the dataDyne Corp. Perceived as being easily led by the majority of political commentators, which is perhaps unfair.

Age: 28 years 5 months
Race: Human (Male)
CI File #009
Training Status: Complete
Training Grade: A+
Active Status: Undercover
Our most experienced undercover agent. Highly acurate with his chosen weapon (a magnum Revolver). Perfectly suited to undercover missions. Less suited to out-and-out combat. Before Joanna Dark, he held the honor of having the highest recorded training scores.

The Maians are the race of aliens that have come to known on Earth as ‘Greys.’ They have been monitoring Earth for a long time – several centuries – and are benevolent towards mankind, sensing great potential in the human race. Their contact on Earth is Daniel Carrington. A formal political contact has yet to be made.

Skedar Warrior
The Skedar are a warlike alien race who have fought the Maians for centuries and have only recently agreed to a ceasefire. They tend to use mechanized armatures to walk about and fight in, since they are in actual fact smaller, snakelike creatures. Very aggressive – they have made war a religion – and are extremely devout.