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Perfect Dark Cheats / Codes

Laptop Gun in End Cinema Scene
By: spearechris (

To use this trick, you must have the Laptop Gun cheat and I also recommend turning on the cheat for unlimited ammo for Laptop Sentry Gun. With these cheats on, go to the level, Air Base: Espionage, play the level correctly until you are in Air Force One’s hangar. Walk directly under Air Force One’s nose, take out your Laptop Gun, and hold B to set it to its secondary function, Sentry Gun. Still holding B, aim up and throw the sentry gun on Air Force One’s nose. Now, finish the level. The cinematic scene at the end of the level will show a guard walking under the aircraft and then getting shot repeatedly with the sentry gun. Funnier still, he doesn’t die even though about a hundred rounds go into his back!

Lazer as a Flashlight
By: DaRk

To perform this trick you must have Perfect Darkness cheat option on. Go to Carrington Institute and select your lazer in its secondary mode “short-range lazer.” Do not put your night vision on. As you fire your lazer the room that you are in will be lit up allowing you to see without the annoying green night vision.

Some Funny Stuff
By: Onevidkid

This is some funny stuff to do if you’re bored of the game. This is done in Combat Simulator. Here is the setup:

LEVEL: Ravine
WEAPONS: Tranquilizer (slots 1 and 4), Combat Knife (slots 2 and 5), and Laser (slots 3 and 6)
HANDICAP: Doesn’t matter
SIMULANTS: 8 (any type or difficulty)
TEAMS: All 8 simulants on your team

When you start the level, go to the quick menu and put all the simulants on Follow or Protect. Now, go get the 3 weapons in the level. Wait until everyone shows up, now you can do some funny things:

ABOVE PIPE – Go to the area where there is that yellow pipe you can walk on. Go to the pipe at the end of the one you walk on, and climb to the top. Now here comes the funny part, everyone will try to climb up the pipe to you but can’t!! They’ll just move around trying to get up! Now here’s where you come in. Pull out your Laser and put it on Short Range Stream. Now use it on the simulants. When they die, they die 3 different ways: 1) They die in midair while their feet touch the pipe or… 2) They die and fall down on the pipe you walk on or… 3) They die and jump off the pipe and into the abysses.

CHOKE – This is probably one of the funniest things. Use any of your 3 weapons and use them on their head. There are 3 different choking sounds. Just keep using your weapons on there head until they choke.

IN THE CORNER – Pull out your Laser and switch it to Short Range Stream. Push someone into a corner against the walls. Now use your Laser (hold down the Z button) on his/her head. The person’s head will get very bloody and they will choke in the process, including…..death.

DIZZY – Use your Tranquilizer sedates on someone that is standing in front of you. Since they stand in one place (because they’re on Follow or Protect), they’ll be moving left and right and sometimes spin in a circle!!! Sometimes, if you shoot a person who is spinning in a circle, he/she will run away and come back a couple seconds later!!

COUGHING – This is rather easy. Just throw knives at everyone and soon you’ll here a bunch of simulants coughing.

PLATFORM: DIZZY – Get on that floating platform and wait until someone gets on. Shoot them with the Tranquilizer and they’ll run in a circle and fall off the platform!!

PUSH OFF – Wait until someone is on the platform, then run at them and push them off of it into the abysses!!

INJECT MANY – Pull out your Tranquilizer and switch it to Lethal Injection. Wait until all 8 simulants are with you. Now, run backwards, and as the simulants run backwards to catch up to you, run forwards and hit the Z trigger. You’ll inject 5 people at the most and they’ll probably choke in the process!!!

LASER SPIN – Wait until everyone comes and stands in one spot in front or back of you. Pull out your Laser and switch it to Short Range Stream. Now spin around in a circle while holding down the Z trigger. You’ll hear lots of screams from the simulants because you’re attacking everyone while spinning around in a circle!!

Keeping Proximity Mines Undetected
By: Antares (

This trick works in Solo missions too, but it’s not as useful. The secondary function of proximity mines and K7 Avengers defeats the purpose of a proximity mine. Luckily, if you put a mine on a door, nobody can see on radar! The threat detector won’t work through doors, so you can laugh at sims opening the door in the last moments of their life…hehe.

Shortcut to Cassandra’s Office

This shortcut is for Datadyne: Defection. First you need to earn the cheat for the devastator and turn it on. When you get on the helipad go down the stairs until you see the first guy guarding the door, kill him. Proceed into the building and kill the second guy and when you get to the bottom of the ramp you should see the computer screen that you attach the ECM Mine to. Next to it is a giant pipe, launch a grenade at it and it will blast open. Fall down the pipe and launch another grenade at the wall in front of you. It will blast open, go through it and you’re right in Cassandra’s office.

Fun With Disarming Guards

In the Air Force One level, you can have lots of cheap laughter in this level. What you have to do is (before you meet the president) go up to any guard and let him say “Hi” and then pull out a gun and he’ll say something like “Hey, put that away” and he’ll draw a gun. Quickly switch to DISARM and do so. He will run around trying to pull a gun out of his shirt but he can’t. The way he tries to looks like he is doing something nasty. It’s funny, they say stuff like “My gun!” or “God Dammit” or sometimes they will run to another guard and say ” We’ve got problems!” Its a cheap form of entertainment, Really.

The Mysterious BAFTA Award Solved
By: AT006

The BAFTA award in the game is a real life award call the “British Academy of Film and Television Arts.” Also Sean Bean, who played Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye, was a presenter at this awards show. I have no reasoning of why this award is in the game. I speculate that maybe Rare or the producers of the Movie Goldeneye may have won one or more of these awards and decided to show it off in the game.

Get Outside Lucrene Tower
By: John

To get out of the Lucerne Tower in mission 1 part 3, you can be in any difficulty level except for Perfect Agent. You can have any cheats on especially invincibility (Not Required). First off kill all the guards on the ground floor without having Doctor Carrol get hurt. Then access the foyer elevator. After exiting the elevator go forward and turn right. There should be a single lone guard standing there. Shoot him and take the key card. Go back downstairs and go to the glass door. Press the action button and you can step outside after the door opens. You can walk around a little but not much. You can also check out the Dd guards and Mr. Blonde in the door with the external (or was internal?) security hub. Shoot them all you want, them Biocthes won’t die!

Kill Dr. Carroll Glitch

Level: Mission 2, basement of Datadyne Skyscraper/hidden lab

When you get to the final set of doors in the second mission, on any difficulty, don’t open them just yet. Hide behind the closest set of angled pillars to the door, making sure you can see the doors. Select your dragon as a weapon, then select your camspy. Open the door with your camspy, and move it forward just a tiny bit to block the doors from re-closing. (If you aren’t hidden enough the level will end regularly. try it again and hide a little better, but you must have a view of the door!). Hit the “A” button to de-activate your camspy and resume control of Joanna. Hold “B” to access the dragon’s secondary weapon option, proximity mine. Through the Dragon/mine as far into the doorway as you can. as long as it passes the doorframe this glitch will work. Now step out from behind the pillars. with the doors still open the level will end. As soon as the cut scene starts, Joanna will walk past the Dragon/mine, setting it off. So what’s the glitch? For some un-known reason, doctor Carrol will be in the way, get blown up, and die. As if that was not funny enough, the rest of the cut scene will still play, only without Dr. Carrol! Joanna will talk to herself. Maybe she has money in the bank?

Co-op Settings
By: kjn1 (

These are all for the co-operative setting (you do not have to beat the special assignments in order to get these).

1. Beat all the levels on agent to gain access to the 2 simulants option in agent in the buddy select.
2. Beat all the levels on special agent to gain access to the 2 simulants option in special agent in the buddy select.
3. Upon beating all the levels on special agent, you gain access to the 3 simulants option in agent in the buddy select.
4. Beat all the levels on perfect agent to gain access to the 2 simulants option in perfect agent in the buddy select.
5. Upon beating all the levels on perfect agent, you gain access to the 3 simulants option in special agent in the buddy select.
6. Upon beating all the levels on perfect agent, you gain access to the 4 simulants option in agent in the buddy select.

Bombspy Location
By: Homer420

To find the bombspy in Chicago, first start the level at agent diffuculty. Next go forward and punch out the guard by the CIA agent. Next turn left and head into the street. With the side arms of the controller pad, zoom to the entrance of the next alley on the same side of the road that you are on so the guards don’t notice you. Now go into the aley where two CIA agents and one guard are and knock them both out.

Go into the next alley and kill the FBI agent in dark brown before he can sound the alarm. Now go back to the first alley, and on your right should be a dumpster (which contains the bombspy). Push the dumpster towards the right wall in between the front wall and the flammable cans. Now blow up the flammable cans. The explosion should blow up the dumpster and cause a chain reaction of explosions that blow up the air conditioners on the apartments. Wait until the explosions stop and go up to the blown up dumpster and there you should pick up a bomb spy.

Hint: To get the Psychosis Gun cheat, you can use the bomb spy to cause a reaction in the G5 Building to kill the guards inside and save time. I got the cheat in 1:34 by doing this.

Sewer Elevator Glitch
By: Kevin

In this glitch you can get stuck above the level. I had 8 Darksims all on my team to fight them unopposed (yes, I am sick). I had DK mode and fast motion on. I got them to follow me, but they got stuck on the elevator somehow. I got above the elevator and looked down. I was standing on their heads (!), but I couldn’t get down. There was just sky, blackness, the sims and the elevator. The first time I got back down, but the second time, i fell and died. I must have been on top of the ceiling, my guns couldn’t shoot them. Try it it’s pretty wacky.

Sleight of Hand
By: Mr. Cactus (WalknCacts@Aol.Com)

This is a pretty cool glitch. It looks cool, and can be used to your advantage in a fight. Also, it’s really easy to pull off. So enough talk. Here’s how to do it.

First, either select All Guns In Solo and Infinite Ammo or enter Combat Simulator, select Advanced Setup, and set all the Weapons to Combat Knives. Now, start a Solo Mission or start the Multiplayer battle (no Sims). Next, select Double Combat Knives from the Start Menu or by Scrolling (Solo), or run around until you get Double Combat Knives (Multi). Now, set the Knives to Throw Posion Knives. Hold Z until both Knives are being held at the top corners of the screen (the tip of the Knives should be the only thing on the screen). Keep holding Z, keeping the Knives in the ready to throw position, and hold B to set the Knives to Knife Slash (the Knives should still be in the ready to throw position). Now release Z to throw the Knives, and magically two other Knives will flip into Joanna’s hands. Gee, I never knew she was a magician before she signed with Carrington.

This is useful in Multiplayer as well. Hold the Knives in the ready to throw position, with Knife Slash set. Now throw the Knives at a player, while running at him. Since the change in the Knives is nearly instantaneous, you can quickly slash the opponent to death, and leave the poison to kill him next turn.

Unlimited Cloaking Trick
By: mgguinto

This trick best used in multiplayer capture the case. First of all get a RC-P145 ang fill it up to 800. Then hold B to get the secondary fire ready (which is cloak) and press Z. You will now cloaked. When this starts to happen start shooting with Z and keep holding it. When your magazine is almost finished keep holding Z. You should hear you gun trying to reload. But your gun should still be cloaked. you will now be able to get the oponents case without them seeing you and not get killed.

Dead Simulant Glitches

This glitch is to alter the position of simulants as they die. Program any game you want but make sure you have automatics. Use any simulants you want (meatsims work the best for these glitches), and play the ruins or the sewers.

Each glitch will correspond to each level. In the sewers, lure a simulant to the elevator hallway. The simulant will try to jump into the shaft to the ground. If you time it just right, you can hit the simulant and nail him/her to the wall of the shaft. He/her will disapear as their arms spread out to the wall. The next glitch can be done in any level . You have to be a master marksman if you want to try this though. If you know of a simulant who’s about to die, confront him/her and shoot out it’s gun, then shoot the simulant. The simulant’s gun will fly into the air and the simulant will disapear into thin air. The next glitch has to be done in the ruins. In the shaft where you duck to get through, wait there for a simulant to come in. Let it crawl through and when it’s about 15 feet from the entrance, kill it. He should dissapear into thin air. I’m looking for more glitches, and i’ll check back again when I have more.

Reverse Timer in CI
By: Tomfan (

To make the timer run backwards in CI defense, first put on any cheats you want but invincibility, cloaking device, all weapons, and ifinite ammo help very much. Play the level on Perfect Agent or Perfect Dark. First activate the autoguns, then destroy the sensitive materierial in Carrington’s office. Then go into any room with hostages and try to save them after you finish that first room go down to where the Skedar ship lands, if it is there use the data uplink on the ship and let it lift off and blow up. If the ship isn’t there go into another hostage room and rescue the hostages. Then after you send the ship up rescue the hostages. Grab the RCP-120 and then Daniel will say they’ve planted a bomb and the bomb timer will come up. When it gets to zero it should go up the other way. It may work on Agent or Secret Agent, too

Avoid the Robot Interceptor in Area 51

To avoid the flying robot interceptor in Area 51: Infiltration simply blow up the robot interceptor on the helipad by the lifts that take you down to the hangar. There should be a man inspecting it… just blow it up with a gun and it won’t come later in the level. This is very useful when you are trying to get the cheat.

Invisible Guards 2
By: Jonathan Subillaga (

There are more guards besides the one in Maian SOS. Go to the Carrington Institute-defense on Special Agent with the cheats invincibility, unlimited ammo, and the Superdragon cheat on. Activate the Grenade Launcher mode, and kill the skedar inside the institute. Turn around, and destroy the glass to reveal a invisble guard. Remember, use a weapon with explosive splash damage. That does it for the first guard. Next, turn on all the sentry guns, and go to the room with the pit. If you entered from the room with the two guards, and go to the to the first pillar. If you entered from the other side, come in and stop at the first pillar as well. Fire the Superdragon at the gound. An invisible guard should be blown into an oblivion and you can continue. The next invisble guard i found wasn’t even on the same level. Have all the same cheats on from the Carrington Institute. Start the level on Agent or Special Agent. In Mr. Blonde’s revenge, use any explosive weapon, and enter the elevator on your left as you come up the stairs. When you get in the elevator, shoot the floor, and the chief that you fight on Perfect Agent should fly out of nowhere. As for the rest of the invisible guards, i’m still looking.

Land Mine Pattern
By: Jonathan Dark (

In the level “Area 51 – Infiltration,” there is a rocket launcher sitting on a helipad surrounded by land mines. Until i figured out the pattern of the mines, I had been using grenades to set them off so I could get the rocket launcher. This does work, but if you are out of grenades, or have baddies shooting at you, you don’t have the time to set them off. However, there is a path that you can take in this case. Once you go through the hole in the fence, take a right. Stay close to the fence until you get to the top of a little hill. At this point you must turn left, so hug the wall and turn. Stay with the wall until you reach the far corner of the helipad (about halfway through the snowfield). At this point you may run straight to the helipad to collect the launcher. If you did not go far enough along the wall, you run the risk of hitting a mine, so be careful. After you get the launcher, go to the wall opposite the one you were running along earlier. Stay in the shadow of this wall (dark strip) until you reach an alcove. At this point, you are safe from the mines, and may feel free to get the shield, blow up the interceptor, etc. by crawling through the small passage. Good luck!!

*** If you have trouble getting it right, turn on “Jo Shield,” “Super Shield,” or “Invincibility” in the cheat menu so you can practice.

Perfect Dark Simulants

Here is my complete list of Perfect Dark Simulants and their corresponding characters:

Normal Simulants:

Character: dataDyne Infantry

Character: dataDyne Security

Character: dataDyne Trooper

Character: dataDyne Shock Trooper

Character: NSA Bodyguard

Character: Dinner Jacket

Special Simulants:

Character: The President

Character: NSA Lackey

Character: Pelagic II Guard

Character: Steward

Character: Presidental Security

Character: dataDyne Lab Technician

Character: dataDyne Shock Trooper

Character: G5 Guard

Character: G5 Swat Guard

Character: Mr. Blonde

Character: Daniel Carrington

Character: Alaskan Guard

Backwards Rockets
By: Craig (

For this trick you’ll need the Rocket Launcher cheat and you can use any other cheat you want to make it easier- it’s much more fun to do with Unlimited Ammo No Reloads. Go to Air Base: Espionage and get into the elevator that goes diagonally. Use the targeted rocket on your Rocket Launcher and as you’re going towards the bottom, fire a couple rockets back up to where you started. If they don’t hit the sides or the floor then they should start coming back towards you. Even though it’s not very useful, it’s still kind of fun.

Grid Glitch

While playing the Grid I noticed a really odd glitch. If you ride the elevator up to the room with the glass and there is someone waiting there for you, kill them as the doors open. They should stumble backwards onto the glass flooring. When they die and fall down shoot the glass out from under them. If you timed it right the body should stop in midair and disappear.

Freeze Joanna Glitch
By: Arun/Lanky007 (

There are two places in the game where you can sort of freeze the game. Well, you can freeze joanna, but everyone else can move around. Okay here are the 2 places.

First is the third level, Extraction. In order to do this, you don’t need to turn on any cheats, but you can turn on any cheats you want. When the mission starts, go though the level in the normal route that you would, not caring if dr. carrol dies. When you get to the part where you have to complete the second objective: defeat cassandra’s body gaurds, don’t go through the door that leads to the room with the body gaurds. Stand in front of the door, facing it, and press “R” or “L” to bring out the target aim. then face the door, and press “B” to open it. After it has opened, the game will freeze, you still have the gun in your hand, and all the enemies can move around and still hit you, but you just can’t move. No matter what button you press, it won’t work, the only thing that will work is the control stick which you can use to look around, but you can’t move. The only way to end this is if you get hit by an enemy (just lure the shock trooper that is gaurding the rocket launcher to the door) enough time for you to lose, you will die, and you will lose the mission. When you die, the screen will get red, and you will still be carrying the gun until the mission failure message comes up. The second way to end this is to press RESTART on your N64, which is the smart way.

The second way to do this freeze Joanna glitch is to go to duel, and go on either secret agent or agent, and once you have killed either the gaurd or jonathen, right away, before the next person comes up, press “R” for the aim to come on, and it will freeze after the next person has come on. There might be other places in the game where you can do this, but these two are the only ones i have found yet.

Hidden Cheese
By: Hugo (

As you know there is a piece of cheese hidden on every level in Single Player, but there is also a piece hidden in the regular Carrington Institute. To find it, jam the range door open with the Hovercrate, and open the range’s main door. Then, run in, equip the Slayer Rocket Launcher, and use a fly-by-wire rocket to exit the range. Fly it down the slope that leads towards the Hoverbike. When you reach that area, turn the rocket left and upwards so it faces the windows of the Institute. Fly it up so it is above the balcony, then right and you will see an area lower than the balcony. On it is a piece of cheese.

Small Ammo Boxes
By: Dark (, Twizted (

Start the first level, dataDyne Defection. Play everything as normal until you get into the floor where Cassandra DeVries office is. Go down the stairwell to the right of her office and go down the stairwell two levels to the bottom. Open the door at the bottom, and open the door across the hallway and walk into the room. You will be in a room with a guard sitting at a desk with a computer. Kill the guard and look directly to the left of his computer. A tiny tiny ammo box will be sitting on the desk! It’s about 1/4 the sive of a normal ammo box! Im not sure if you can pick it up though. I had the Infinite Ammo cheat on when I found it.

There is also a small ammo box on the the Blond’s Revenge level. After you take the first elevator up from the ground floor, turn left and go into the starcase where the magnum wielding guards are. go all the way down to the bottom of the staircase. If you crouch and go underneath, you’ll find a small ammo box. Yes, you can pick it up.

Laptop Gun in a Jump Ship
By: Kenneth (

First, you’ll need to turn on the Laptop, farsight or x-ray scanner, or the all guns cheat. Play the Carrington Defense level at any difficulty. Go down to where Carrington is. You should see a jumpship there. Face the jumpship on the doors. Pull out your Laptop gun. Throw it in front of the doors and you should throw it in! Use your x-ray scanner or farsight and check it if it’s in there. You can throw remote mines in too.

Unlimited Skedar Killing

It helps to have on the Invincibility cheat for this. And, if extra protection is needed, put on cloaking device. This cheat happens on the level: Deep Sea Nullify Threat. As soon as you start playing the level, kill Elvis and go through the next two doors. Take care of the people in the big room, then take out Elvis’s Farsight and aim it toward the corner of the room that is nearest to the door. Put the Farsight to secondary fuction and aim it. You should come across a little skedar warrior just standing in a room. Shoot it, and skedar should keep coming out until you get tired of killing them.

Free Falling in Elevator Shaft
By: Chris Dark

To do this trick you first have to go to the first level in the game. Then put in the GS code for all doors unlocked. After you did that go to the elevator you first come up to. Wait till the elevator reaches the bottom floor, then walk through the elevator doors above and you should free fall until you reach the bottom. It’s a pretty cool trick.

Walk on Air
By: Travis (

First of all in order to do this glitch you must go to the Carrington Villa-Hostage One mission and get to the main ground where all the snipers are. Next kill all the snipers (you don’t have too but you should to avoid gettng shot) and from where you came in at, head left up the stairs where you normally walk up to enter the villa except only head up the first flight of stairs. Now face the stairs so you are looking at the ground and start moving down the stairs on the right-hand side and once you get near the bottom of the stairs look at them and you will be about 10 feet off the ground. Note for this glitch you do not need any codes to do it.

Open Impossible Doors
By: XSephirothX (

Turn on Invicibility, Cloaking Device and Marquis of Queensbury rules. Then go up to a door that’s locked (works with most of the doors) and get a guard with you. When he is with you by the door turn on cloak and he/she might walk against the door and after a while open it! You might have to “uncloak” yourself a couple of times to get it to work. Try and shoot him in the leg or arm if it still doesn’t work for you and then cloak again.

Floating Guards
By: XSephirothX (

Turn on Small Characters, Cloaking Device, and Unlimited Ammo cheats for help. Start on any level and throw a mine on the guards butt or shoot a grenade on the guards the thing is that you’ll have to make the guards fly towards you and above you (with small characters they’ll fly higher) then you must stand exactly under them so you can “catch” them. When they are stuck on your head (!) wait for about 2 seconds and then strafe to the side and you’ll see that the guard is floating in the air. If you caught a guard when you have ducked once (NOT twice), if you then duck up again (C-UP) you’ll be on top of him/her! I’m trying to get on the roofs of Carrington Villa by using this glitch.

Remote Mines Hand Position Glitch
By: XSephirothX (

Turn on the Slow-Mo, All Guns (or just go to a level with remote mines) and Unlimited Ammo cheats in singleplayer. Throw a Remote mine, switch to any other gun, and then switch back to remote mine and before you can see her hands keep hitting A+B at the same time. Timing is everything! If you did it right her hands will flip over after 1-2 seconds and you’ll see that she doesn’t have a left thumb and some other glitches.

Different Ranks for Multiplayer
By: The Portbound Monkey (

In Combat Simulator, if you have a player profile, you gain statistics with every game you play. After you play a lot of games and gain better statistics, you go up in rank. Listed below are the different ranks you can attain. (in order from best to worst):

  1. Perfect
  2. Near Perfect
  3. Invincible
  4. Elit
  5. Lethal
  6. Assassin
  7. Killer
  8. Deadly
  9. Dangerous
  10. Professional
  11. Veteran
  12. Expert
  13. Special Agent
  14. Star Agent
  15. Agent
  16. Trooper
  17. Novice
  18. Rookie
  19. Amateur
  20. Trainee
  21. Beginner

Website Passwords

The password protected website can be cracked!

To access the “Agents Only” File:
username: solaris
password: pal32ver21z

Another secretive site,, can also be cracked.

To enter the “Restricted” area:
username: JamesTann07
password: 8CR31D29

Burn Baby, Burn!
By: The Shoff (

Before you do anything you will need to put the “Rocket Launcher” cheat on. Complete on any difficulty on the level 3, “Datadyne Central” to earn if you do not have the cheat already. Once activated, go to any level and kill any type of enemy or friend with any gun except the rocket launcher. Once they are laying on the floor dead, walk away from them a little so you don’t get hurt by the explosion, and fire a rocket at the dead body. Once you do, you will see their whole body has gotten blacker! Or if you fire at their head, it may derange, shrink, or blacken it! I had a lot of fun with this code, especially when I turned Elvis brown.

More Funny Guard Speech
By: Jensbadger2000

Here’s a fun little trick I discovered while messing around in PD. Go to Pelagic II on any level. You’ll start the level with Elvis. Go through the first door, kill the guard there. Go down the hall and kill the next guard to your left. If you look ahead there will be another door with a glass window. If you look through it you’ll see a guard just standing in the distance. This part is important to hear the speech. Shoot out the glass at a very sharp angle. Don’t aim at the direction of the guard to shoot through the glass but strafe to the right or left and shoot out the glass without being noticed. Look though the now shot-through window and the guard should still be standing there. If you take your trusty Falcon and, without going through the door, shoot the guard though the window in the head. He will die and one of his comrades will kneel by his side. If you listen carefully you can here him say things like, “Noooooooooooooo,” “That was my best friend,” or even the infamous, “ahhhhhh, well I didn’t like him anyway.” Have fun with this one!!

Aiming Modifier
By: Rob Suarez (

Kneeling down greatly improves target pin pointing through your crosshair. This tip mainly applies to the accuracy qualification on weapons in the target range. First of all, whenever you kneel down, every single bullet fired nails directly in the center of your crosshair. This enables you to acquire the gold on guns such as the AR34, Sniper Rifle, CMP150, and the poorly accurate guns such as the Reaper and K7 Avenger inside the target range and in combat during missions. When in target mode (on zoom or scope guns) while standing up, Joanna tends to move the gun slightly causing you to miss your target at times. However, when kneeling down the gun makes no unwanted movement and it is easier to kill all the gun toting hooligans in Perfect Dark. There is a disadvantage however; when in combat while kneeling down to modify your accuracy, some of those sneaky gaurds may come from behind, and you move much slower when kneeling causing the gaurds an advantage on fire at you while you’re are turning to fire at them.

Invisible Area 51 Gaurd Glitch
By: Rob Suarez and Bryan McElwain (

When playing Mission: Maian SOS (probably only works on PA but not sure), proceed slaying the gaurds until the end of the very first hallway is reached. Make an immediate right into a room with two gaurds each gaurding a door. Do not alarm either gaurd and through your proximity set dragon gun directly between the gaurds. Alarm one of the gaurds by either firing a shot into the room or be sighted by either gaurd. If you pay attention, one gaurd will run into the proximity gun killing both gaurds and sending a guard in blue into oblivion from absolutely no where! It’s a pretty funny glitch to watch, and quite odd too.

Rocket Launcher Glitch
By: WolfRacer3000 (

To access the rocket launcher glitch you must make sure that the cheat is on. After that go to the level Carrington Villa-Hostage One. At the very first of the level were you have to save the girl shoot her but do not kill the guards. Then go to the part were you have to kill the snipers on the roof tops. Get out the rocket launcher and turn the secondary function on: targeted rocket. Then shoot the guard that is in the middle of the screen on the roof. For some reason the rocket shouldnt hit him as much as you try. All it does is circle him for about 12 seconds and then dissapear. I found this glitch one of the funniest I’ve seen.

Quick Reload
By: Elvis the Alien (

Have you ever died because your gun is reloading to slowly? Here a trick that will help you out: On a slow reloading gun like the shotgun when you only have one shot left, hit A then Z then A again. It will switch to the gun or unarmed state before the shotgun then back real quick and your clip should be full. Try this with all other slow reloading guns.

Easy Laptop Ammo Gain
By: Chase & Shane Holden

While playing in multiplayer, pick up a Laptop Gun and fill it completely full of ammo. Next, deploy the Laptop Gun as a Sentry Gun. When the Laptop Gun reappears, pick up the crate of ammo first. Then, pick up the Laptop Gun. It should have around 800 shots, instead of the usual 20.

RARE Gun Awards
By: Mario Brother (

Below are awards straight from the creators of the game, Rare! They voted top 10 guns for multiplayer and solo missions, along with their own wacky awards with 15 categories:

Top 10 Solo Mission Weapons	Top 10 Multiplayer Wepons

SuperDragon			SuperDragon  
Mauler				Mauler 
Callisto NT			Callisto NTG 
RCP-120				Farsight XR-20  
Dragon                          RCP-120
Phoenix                         Dragon
K7 Avenger                      Laptop Gun
CMP150                          Devastator
Laptop Gun                      Remote Mines
Prox. Mines                     K7 Avenger
Misc. Awards

Gun We Used The Most		Falcon 2 (all variants)
Gun We Used The Least		Stupid, Crappy Laser
Most Reliable			Falcon 2 (all variants)
Most Unreliable			Punch
The Cheesiest Of The Cheap	Farsight XR-20
The Prettiest Gun Ever Made	Cyclone
The Ugliest Gun Ever Made	Rocket Launcher
The Crazy Bastard Award		Grenade
Thank The Lord! It's Back!	Classic AR53
Most Frustrating		That Damn Shotgun!
Made us laugh (a lot)		Farsight XR-20
Made us cry (even more)		Farsight XR-20
The Most Awkward To Use		Reaper
Most Annoying To Get Hit With	N-Bomb
We Wish It Were A Wepon		Cheese!

Walk Through Platforms
By: Arun/Lanky007 (

This glitch can be done best on multiplayer. Pick any level with platforms leading up to the second floor of the level, preferably Complex. In the Complex, find one of the many platforms that lead up in the level. Once you find one, go underneath the platform, and face towards the platform. Walk forward, and you should be able to walk right through the platform, and end up on top of it. By the way, underneath the platform makes a great hiding spot when you are playing hold the briefcase.

All Sheild Locations
By: nice_guy (

As you all know, there are no shields in Perfect Agent. Special Agent only has one shield location while Agent mode has two locations. Note: Levels 19 through 21 do NOT have any sheilds. It’s unfortunate, but true!

		Agent & Special Agent		Agent Only 
Level #1	Location #1: Dropped by		Location #2: On the first
                a gaurd in the corner of        floor, alongside the glass
                the room. (Third Floor.)        elevator. (In corner)
Level #2	Location #1: Inside the		Location #2: On a crate, 
                "Fish Tank", past the           around the corner from
                Laser Grids.                    the Radioactive Isotope.
Level #3     	Location #1: None.		Location #2: Same room 
                                                as the Laptop Gun from
                                                Level 1. (Near Elevator)
Level #4	Location #1: In the Heli-	Location #2: Inside the 
                pad area, on top of a crate.    Bathroom, beside the 
                (This is an exception, on       Master Bedroom.
                Agent only.)
Level #5	Location #1: In a small		Location #2: Underneath 
                Passage, underneith             the Staircase leading
                the TaxiCab in the sewer.       down to the Punk Pond.
Level #6	Location #1: Under the		Location #2: Right past
                Stairwell, beaneth the		the second set of Cloaked
                two Exit Doors.			gaurds, near stairs.
Level #7	Location #1: Inside small	Location #2: Right next to 
                Service tunnel, between         the Satellite Dish, in front
                Minefeild and Elevators.        of the door.
Level #8	Location #1: Inside the		Location #2: Inside ware-
                room where you turn off		house, on the gaurd in
                the lights. (on table.)         the far left corner.
Level #9	Location #1: Same spot		Location #2: Located on
                where you find the Alien	the scientist in the Con-
                Medpack.                        Spiracy evidence room.
Level #10	Location #1: To the left	Location #2: On gaurd, 
                of the safe.  (With the         standing above elevator
                flight plans.)                  that leads down to hanger.
Level #11	Location #1: Behind the		Location #2: In the 
                shelf right next to the		refeshment area, toward
                piano.				the rear of the plane.
Level #12	Location #1: Right		Location #2: Right                 
                behind the Presidential		alongside Elvis'
                Clone, inside the cave.		Spacecraft. (20.feet away.)
Level #13	Location #1: Inside the		Location #2: Right next to
                room with Moon Pool lift	the GPS room, on top of
                controls.  (on crate.)          the helipad.
Level #14	Location #1: Located		Location #2: None. 
                near the dead guard, at
		the dead end.  (Far left,
                third junction.)         
Level #15	Location #1: In the base-	Location #2: On the sec-
                ment, past the third sen-       ond floor, to the right of 
                try terent.                     the elevator.
Level #16	Location #1: On the navi-	Location #2: None.
                gation deck, in the first 
                room to the right.  (on 
Level #17	Location #1: Across		Location #2: Behind the
                ravine, at the end of the       only cracked obelisk,
                tunnel, near the crack in       directly across from pillar.
                the wall.
Level #18	Location #1: Dropped by		Location #2: On the base- 
                a guard in the corner of        ment floor, alongside the 
                the room.  (third floor.)       glass elevator.

Joanna Dark: Intern?
By: The Cat (

This just shows how much thought and detail went into this game. Select Carrington institute on the menu after you choose your player file. Go into Carringtons office, and wait until he greets you. Wait a little more and he’ll say something like: “I’m a little busy at the moment, Agent Dark”. Now walk up to him and stand face to face. Duck down twice. If you wait for 5-10 seconds, Carrington will say something like: “Please don’t do that Joanna, It worries me,” in a disturbed voice. Good for laughs. I wonder who decided to put that into the game…

>Dead Elvis Glitch

Start Attack Ship: Covert Assault. Play through the level until you reach Elvis when he gives you the AR34. When he stops running and starts talking to you, shoot him in the head. Run up the ramp and shoot one of the Maian Protectors. Pick up his Callisto NTG and head for the four doors in the hanger. You must have the Callisto NTG armed for this glitch to work. Open the door, but don’t go in. After the door goes down, step into the room, but don’t go down the ramp, just stay on the little stretch of metal before the ramp. Do this to all four doors. The elevator on the left will open. Go in it. When you reach the upper level, the elevator that Elvis normally takes will come up too. Then Elvis’s dead body will appear, floating in midair between the elevators!

Get the Cloaking Device
By: Ronnie (

To unlock the cloaking device cheat you must complete Mission 3 G5 Building Reconnaissance on agent in under 1:40. To do this you must first waste the cloaked guards in the first two rooms as quickly as you can. Then take care of the three guards by the alarm, then work your way through the overhead duct and place the Camspy outside the meeting room. Don’t send the camspy into the room just yet. Just place it right outside the meeting room. Jump down from the duct and waste the guards by the second alarm. Then run into the safe room and put up the door decorder, then immediately access your Camspy and send it into the meeting room. As you watch the video clip the door decorder will unlock the safe without wasting time. After the clip is done grap Dr. Caroll and get out.

Assault Ship Glitch
By: Shimon (

In the Skedar Assault shipt, there is an glitch that takes you into odd areas. To make sure you get it 100% of the time, start the level with All Guns and Invincibility codes and any other you’d wish. On Perfect Agent, get to the first blue door that takes you into the engine room. You have to do this just right. When you enter, take the door on the left. Arm your slayer and open the next door but DO NOT go through it. Use the slayers second function (fly-by-wire) and go through the door. When the rocket explodes, your view will come back pointing into space. You will be out of the level and can walk around strange places.

Be Your Own Personal Bomb Squad
By: Jonathan Dark

As we all know, proximity mines can be very deadly in the hands of an expert opponent, especially when he tries to hide them on weapons, etc. When this happens, anyone going for the weapons will get blown up. However, there are some easy ways to diffuse any gifts your “friends” may have left for you.

  1. Simply shoot the ammo crates or the gun itself. The motion of the gun or ammo moving will detonate the mine. This is especially helpful if you are playing with Dragons because of their proximity mine secondary function.
  2. Another way to detonate a mine is to throw something near it, at it, or by it. This can be done with other mines, Laptop Guns, or Dragons in the secondary function mode. I’m not sure if it will work with throwing knives.
  3. The best way to stay clear of mines, though, is to use the secondary function of the mines themselves (Threat Detector). This tells you where they are, and prevents you from wasting Laptop Guns, mines, or Dragons unless you absolutely have to in order to clear the mine.

Good luck, and don’t forget to leave your friends some presents of your own….

Another Mine Trick
By: Jonathan Dark

When playing a Multiplayer battle and using mines, mines fall on the ground just like any other gun when someone dies (You can tell if this has happened because a set mine will lie flat whereas a dropped mine will be on it’s side.). I have found a great way to capitalize on that. Similar to fishing, there is a lure, and a hook. You simply must get them before you can use them. Here is how:

  • Kill someone, preferably a PeaceSim because of the sheer number of guns they carry around with them.
  • When they drop all of their guns, you have set the lure and, if they had any mines, you have the hook as well.
  • Find a spot from which you are not easily seen or shot at, but from where you can snipe the mine.
  • When someone goes to collect the guns, they will run right towards them (if they have any brains at all.)
  • Simply shoot the mine right before they pick it up. KABOOM!!

***On the way to the guns, your friends might see the mine and stop. But after looking at it, they will see that it was obviously dropped, not set, because it will be on its side. They should then continue running towards it, so be patient if they don’t try to pick it up immediately. You would be wary, too, in their position!!

Beat Darksims Easily
By: PDvegeta1 (

To beat a Darksim easily (even a team of 8 Darksims), simply change all the weapons to only remote mines. The Darksim will start throwing them at you, but never actually detonate them! So just throw one at the sim and blow ‘em up! But be careful not to be caught in the explosion yourself, because there will be remote mines all over the place since he doesn’t detonate them.

Carington Villa-Hostage One Glitch
By: Tim Palumbo (

In the mission Carington Villa-Hostage One, there is a very funny glitch. For more fun, have the All Guns in Solo Cheat activated, and anything else you would like. On any Difficultly Setting, enter the level, and complete every objective except for Rescuing Carington. When you get the door key, go to the door that is through the path with the various bottles. It should open toward you. When you open it, quickly run in and press the close door button and it should close behind you, and the Cinema which is supposed to go off when you open the door, will not happen. You will see Carington in his chair. Turn on a weapon and blast him! He doesn’t die! He just moves around a lot. You can even destroy his chair. I usually throw knives in him and shoot arrows at him. Now, just open either of the two doors and the Cinema will go off, but Carington will be all bloody and have arrows and knives in him, and will also be sitting on thin air. I sometimes even throw a Laptop Gun under him for extra fun. Enjoy beating up Carington!

Cinema Scenes Glitch
By: Tim Palumbo (

When you go into a Cinema Scene, did you ever have any enemies still alive and near you, but they are gone in the Cinema? Well, I have. And if you turn on the All Guns in Solo Cheat and any other cheats you like (All Guns Is Needed for Most Levels), then you can find them. When near an area of Cinema, have many guys running around. Plant either Timed Mines, Proximity Mines, or a Laptop Gun by it, and quickly run to activate the Cinema. When you see it, the Mines will go off and enemies will come flying out of nowhere and go flying all over the place. The Laptop Gun, if used, will shoot them in the Cinemas. Have Fun!

Get The Phoenix in Area 51 Rescue
By: Argonaut44 (

To get the Phoenix in area 51 rescue first you must first go to Area 51 infiltration. Open the hanger doors and you will see a civilian beside a robot interceptor. You must lure the civilian away from the Robot Interceptor before you blow it up (this is if you are on Perfect Agent, if not just knock him out). It helps if the gun turrets are taken out before you hit him. Take his key that he leaves behind. Finish the level. Then in Area 51 Rescue go to the door above the starting point. Shoot the door and the same civilian will open it from the other side. Take the elevator in this area to the top level. The Phoenix is on a bench by the windows in the hangar control room.

Ride Another Hoverbike
By: Jon Phoenix (

Like the hoverbike in Area 51, there is also another very helpful hoverbike in Mission 5: Crash Site. You must achieve a special objective in Air Force One, the previous mission. Beginning from the start of Air Force One, turn around and punch the man you encounter. Take his keycard and use it on the red panal. The cargo bay will raise up, giving you a suitcase or nothing. Go to the red panal near the Hoverbike. Turn it on, which lowers the cargo bay. Now, you can have the Hoverbike in the Crash Site. Try playing the level on Counter-Op! It’s pretty fun having a friend try to shoot you in a Hoverbike!

Knife Glitch
By: jex

First you have to attain two combat knives. In the throwing mode hold the fire button and change the function back to normal. Now you will be holding the tips of the knives and it will look like you are hitting people with the handle of the knives.

Get Invincibility Easier
By: Captain Keen ( and North (

As we all know in Area 51: Escape on Agent mode, you get Invincibility if you finish in under 3:50. And if you’re like me, you’re always having trouble getting it. To get it just in time, do everything you always do quickly up until right before you, Jonathon, and Elvis are talking. Get on the hoverbike and join the little conversation. Once the conversation is over, Jonathon will tell you to cover him. Quickly get in front of him, race up the ramp, and open the two hanger doors. You must do this without telling Jonathon to go on ahead with Elvis. To avoid doing this, do not ever be behind him and be as far ahead of him as you can so you cannot talk to each other.

More Help: This should help you get Invincibilty easier from the Area 51 level. Jonathon Stands in front of the wall for about a half a minute, rigging the bomb. When he tells you to stand back, Turn your super dragon into a grenade launcher and shoot the wall. It should break without Jon’s bomb going off. Just run through the hole before his bomb DOES go off, for obvious reasons. Combined with the earlier trick above, I have gotten under 3:40.

Blow Up the Cocky Guy in the Hanger
By: Captain Keen (

To blow the crap out of the guy that’s always talking his trash in the hanger, first grab the crate in the same room as him by pressing ‘B’ next to it. Then bring it up the ramp and stick in the doorway that leads to the main floor of the Carrington Institute. Put the crate there by pressing ‘B’ after you exit so that the door will stay open. Then run up the next ramp to go to the main floor of the institute. Head for the shooting range. Next open the wooden door and hurry in. Go into the range and turn around, blocking the glass door from shutting. Press ‘Start’ and select the Slayer on Bronze. Make sure the Slayer is on secondary mode (fly-by-wire). Then shoot a rocket and quickly fly it out of the door before it closes. Remember to press ‘R’ to slow the rocket down to turn the corners. Fly the rocket down the ramp you came up and through the door where the crate is. Now you should know what to do. Fly that rocket at his head and get revenge. This doesn’t kill him change his attitude any, though. If you go to talk to him, he’s still as cocky as ever (but now without a computer).

Light Switch Help
By: The Shock Troopers (

Dont you hate those annoying night vision goggles? Well if you do then we have a trick for you!! In the third level (dataDyne Centural) where you have to go against Cassandra’s Body Guards, don’t turn your night vision goggles on before you enter the room with the Body Guards! Just run in the room, turn to your right, and make another turn into the corner. There should be a light switch there, flick it on. You will have light to see the guards that are wearing night vision goggles!

Guard Magic Trick
By: ØØ2 (

This is a minor glitch I found on the Pelagic II. Halfway to the reactor room in one of those long hallways will be an alarm terminal and several guards. Kill the guards that shoot you, but leave the one that runs to the terminal. Before he gets there, shoot him in his arm/leg (Not lethal.) He will pause to react to his wound. I expected him to continue running to the alarm after this, but instead he raised his hand and activated the alarm in thin air…Just another glitch unchecked.

Funny Stuff on Air Force One
By: Danno147 (

This is insanely funny; it made me laugh out loud the first time I did it: On the plane level, take your timed mine and throw it on the butt of a normal security guy. He’ll say “What’s up?” and then he’ll be catapulted skyward, only to hit the ceiling of the plane. He shoots up so fast, it’s gawddamn hilarious. (The guard actually flies through the ceiling, and then I am unable to find his body! I guess he was blown out of the plane.)

Also, in the plane in slowmo, I stuck the timed mine on the ass of the prez, and he got catapulted upwards into the wall. The thing is, he got stuck in the wall!! His feet were sticking out of the wall right over the black and white picture.

Lock the Bathroom Door Glitch
By: Akuma007 (

Just like the classic Goldeneye glitch, locking the bathroom door in the Felicity will help you keep out unwanted enemies. To lock the door, all you have to do is make sure that you are inside the bathroom and that the door is closed. To lock it, simply walk sideways until you have your left or right shoulder (depending on which way you are facing) against the door. The players on the outside will not be able to open the door as long as you are standing DIRECTLY in front of the door. This glitch works great in “Hold the Briefcase” senarios. Be careful though, explosions and weapons like the Callisto, Magnums and the Farsight can still get you.

Skedar Ruins Shortcut

There is a pretty useful shortcut in the Skedar Ruins level. Once you jump to the other side of the cliff after completing the 1st objective, kill the Skedar alien on your left. Head in that direction and hug against the wall, using the C-Left button will help you move quickly. You will end up near the room where you have to activate the bridge. This will save time for earning ALL GUNS. You don’t have to bother exploding the wall with the Devestator.

Frozen Laser Glitch

This is a very weird glitch in the city streets that causes the robot’s laser shots to freeze in mid air! First select Co-operative mode and pick the streets. When the sim menu comes up set it for 2 simulants. When the level starts, kill the first sim, and make your way to the taxi cab. When the guards around the taxi are dead hide behind the dumpster south from the alley. When the robot comes to the taxi he will turn around and see your sim partner and shoot him/her. When the robot shoots the sim it’s laser beam will freeze! This glitch may take a few times to work, depending on where you’re standing exactly.

Beat Challenges Easily
By: Mike Verrino

You can use this code to beat challenges without actually playing them. You need two players for this code to work. First, create a Scenario that you know you can easily beat (I faced one MeatSim in Felicity). Make then guns powerful so it doesn’t take forever to kill your enemy. I suggest that you make the time limit 1 minute and the kill limit 1. Save this scenario. Now go to “Load Settings” and highlight the scenario that you just made, but DO NOT select it. Have player 2 join in and make him select the challenge that you wish to beat. Player 2 should keep pressing the “A” button until it says “…and waiting” on his screen. Player 1 should still have the scenario highlighted. Player 1 should now press “A” and then press Start. The “challenge” will now start but with the settings that you created! To confirm that you did this correctly, as soon as you begin it should say “Challenge (whatever number challenge you picked)” at the bottom of the screen. Beat the challenge and then check your stats. It should say that you beat it!

The Classic Goldeneye Guns
By: nice_guy (

If you obtain ALL GOLDS, you can actually use the original guns that were used in Goldeneye 007. The guns (including the klo1313) are the strongest guns in the game. Here is a list of the guns:

  • PP9I (a.k.a PP7)
  • CC13 (a.k.a DD44)
  • KLO1313 (a.k.a KLOBB)
  • KF7 Special (a.k.a KF7 Soviet)
  • ZMT 9MM (a.k.a ZMG 9MM)
  • DMC (a.k.a D5K Deutsche)
  • AR53 (a.k.a AR33)
  • RC-P45 (a.k.a RC-P90)

Unfortunately, you can’t use any of the Classic wepons in multiplayer.

Outside the Carrington Institute
By: Ryan (

This trick/glitch is more of an extension to “More Carrington Institute Mayhem.” Now, put the crate from the hangar in front of the door to enter to shooting gallery. (Not the glass door, the normal one.) Now go to the shooting range inside. Open the glass door and stand just barely inside the shooting range but still blocking the glass door from closing. After that, pick the Slayer on the “bronze” difficulty setting. Switch to fly-by-wire mode and fire away! Be sure to hold the “R” button to slow down the rocket.

Once you make it outside the shooting gallery, turn left and go as far as possible. Fly to the upper level of the Carrington Institute. When you get to the room with the farthest elevator, (make sure that you are on the upper level) fly up some more to the glass window panes. At the far-bottom-right, there is a window that you can fly right through! (Now this is the hardest part!) After you get outside, it seems like it is just a bunch of blue, but if you turn around, you can see the building. Fly around to the front of the Carrington Institute to see places you have never been before! There are many things and places to see with this trick. Be careful not to fly too far out of range. Sometimes as you fly around, you will get warped back inside the building. It’s very hard to pull it off. So don’t give up after just one try. Good luck…

Alternative Way
by: John Hall (

Basically you place the crate from the hanger between the outside door of the shooting range, then block yourself from the glass door. Once you do that simply select the Slayar on Broze for the most time (2:00) and use fly-by-the-wire and start flying out. Start flying to where the the hoverbike is and where in mission 7 the bomb is. If you go to fast you can just slow down by using R. All you have to do is fly up to the side of the building and there is the door, you can continue going around the side the way Outside the Carrington Institute says and you can see the outside door. Perhaps the easiest way is just to get to Carrington Institute Defense and you can go outside, not far, but a little.

What’s With the Cheese?
By: A.N.B. (

In each level of the game if you search a lot you will find a piece of cheese. The piece of cheese has no purpose in the final version of the game, but in the earlier Beta versions of the game there was a porpuse to the cheese. In the Beta version of the game there were two ways that you could unlock the cheats. The first way was be to beat the level in a certain amount of time. The second way was to locate and collect the cheese. While testing the game Rare or Nintendo decided to take the second methode of getting the cheats out, but they neglected to remove the images of cheese within the levels. That is why the cheese can be found in the game.

Exploding Cars

In the very first level of the game, you may have noticed cars flying by the windows in the upper floors of the level. After clearing the roof and the top 2 office floors, smash a window with your fists, or the Falcon 2’s secodary mode (hold “B” for a few seconds). Wait until you see a couple cars fly by, and take aim at where they were. In about a minute or less, the car will fly by again. Shoot the car and it will explode. Although not really a code, I found this quite amusing. NOTE: Each car will only explode once. The next time it flys by it will still be destroyed.

Acting Childish?

In the Level “Carrington Villa : Hostage One”, you may have noticed bottles of wine lining shelves in the basement. Not being able to resist, after clearing the level of any enemies, I shot every single bottle. To my surprise, I heard Carrington say “Act your age Joanna!”. Apparently the people at RARE want you to focus on the mission instead of fooling around.

The Duel
By: Interlagos

This is a special assignment, in order to unlock it, you must complete everything in the Carrington Institute. It takes place in the battle simulation room. you take around 4 paces back then you just shoot it out. On Agent you only have to kill a dataDyne guard (he uses a falcon 2, so as soon as you kill him pick up his gun if you’re on Special or Perfect Agent). On Special Agent you take on both the dataDyne guard and Johnathon Dark (pick up John’s Magnum for Trent on Perfect Agent). Perfect agent you take on the dataDyne guard, John Dark, and Trent. Use John’s Magnum to blast Easton. But remember to pick a hiding place behind the wall to beat Trent. He doesn’t move, but he doesn’t miss either.

Playing With Your Mind
By: Sacbutt, A Whigger, Andrew, Needledick, and Jugdish?

Ever seem like your divided onto a team with simulants that are a bunch of Bad News Bears? Well, there is a way to motivate them into a strategy. Simply go into gameplay and hold A to bring up the quick menu. Press Z twice and you can control who attacks, and who stays with you. There is, although, a few choices that may seem queer. They go as the following:

  • Normal: They go about on their merry way killing everything that moves on their random path
  • Hold: Simulant will attack nearby enemies while holding their ground.
  • Defend: Simulant will chase down any nearby enemies.
  • Attack: The simulant stalks the person you tell it to attack.
  • Follow: Simulant follows you, but chases after nearby enemies.
  • Protect: Simulant stays close to you and attacks nearby enemies.

Ammo Glitch
By: Bill B. (

On Mission 5.1 Air Base:Espionage first go ahead and eliminate the stewardess, and the guards around with the crossbow. Just make sure you don’t use up all of the bolts. After you’ve eliminated them, pull out a dragon you picked up from one of the guards. Now while you are still outside shoot all of the bullets out of the gun even what is in the clip. Switch to the crossbow shoot the ground in front of you. Switch back to the empty dragon and pick up the bolt. It will say picked up a bolt. On your dragons ammo it says 1 even though it should be empty. I thought that this was kind of a weird glitch. Maybe their is other situations where this works. I haven’t found it yet on any other levels.

Beat the Skedar King in Mission 9
By: Hokey (

There is a very simple way to beat the Skedar King. I can now beat him within 3 minutes using this method. First, you must get the double pheonix. Through the first part of the level, you have to use the target amplifier on 3 of the 5 special pillars. The ones that are the special ones are randomized every time. You should go to the locations of the other 2. Use the secondary function on the devastator to destroy the other 2 pillars. Then after the maian fleet destroy the pillars that you marked for them, you will be able to get the double pheonix. They will be located before the gap as you move onto the second level.

Then when you get the the skedar king, switch to the secondary function of the pheonix. This means that it will cause a small explosion when it hits its target. When you see him pacing the alter, get ready to fire. When he stops to face you, he’s going to shoot a super slayer rocket at you. As soon as he stops moving, keep shooting at him with the pheonix. The rocket should blow up in his face. this should take away most of his shield. Then when he collapes in front of the shrine, if you got the slayer earlier, use it on the shrine. This helps you out a lot when defeating the king.

New Intro

Simply complete the game in Agent mode. Now you’ll notice that there is a funky new intro in the game.


Hidden in one of the G5 Building’s safe is, strangely, a BAFTA award. I guess this is some kind of in-house joke at Rare.

Maian SOS Hint
By: The Shu (

When you start off the level and exit the lab room, you’ll find a weapon called the Psycosis gun on the table in front of one of the scientists. This is very kewl. When you connect a shot with it on an enemy, it makes them your personal soldier. There’s more about it in the manual I think, but anyway, when you exit the lab (the long hall with desks) and take a right, you will see two containment rooms. First, kill the guards off, and then enter the left room. When you enter the second door, there is a guard to your left that is holding 2 LX magnums, which are one hit kill shots. Infect this guy and he’ll go on a killing spree to save you health, time, pateience, and most of all ammo.

Tip for Getting Invincibility
By: The Shu (

In Area 51: Escape on Agent mode, you get Invincibility if you finish in under 3:50. A tall order if you ask me. Before anything you need to hone your skills enough to be able to finish about the 4:10 mark at the latest. The trick is this: when you have to open the hangar doors to let the UFO out, you first let Jonathan go get the doors. when he’s gone up the ramp in front of the hole he made (the music changes), start running toward the switch on the right when you’re going down the catwalk. Activate it, and you’ll be out of there in record time.

Choosing Your Fate
By: The Shu (

Throughout the game, there are certain places where you can change an element in the level or next level by doing something while you are playing:

  • Carrington Villa – On the last basement floor of the level where you rescue Daniel, you can either enter in through the doors by the liquor or the door with two guards by it. The last guard you kill in the basement floorhas the key card to open both of the doors.
  • Chicago – Depending where u put the remote mine decides where you have to go in order to exit the GS Building level. The middle door is the most effecient for cheat-gaining purposes, but if you put it on the top floor, you can get a N-bomb located by th exit.
  • Area 51: Infiltration – You can destroy the Interceptor that runs around in the sky after you plant the bug on the telecommunications satellite before it takes off. Take a grenade and toss it into the hole in the chainlink fence beside the watch tower, between the helipad and the fence, let the mines self destruct, and pick up a rocket launcher. Go up into the tower, activate the gate, and peer in to find a pilot about to board the interceptor. Rockets away.
  • Area 51: Escape – Where you choose whther to ride in the UFO or the overbike, if you take th hoverbike out, Jonathan will provide backup for you in Carrington Defence when you are getting the sensitive information.
  • Air Base – You can either enter the plane via the ladder in the bottom through all the lasers or by a elevator ride. For the ladder, go straght down the hall starting from where you disabled security to an elevator guarded by a magnum weilding guy. Enter the elevator, go the diagonal ride down, get out, destroy the switch on the wall and walk between the lasers to get to the ladder. For the elevator ride directly to the plane, get in the elevator that is at the end of the hall where you crack the safe for information (Perfect Agent). Go all the way down, when it stopps immediatly go back up and the elevator will stop along the way. Note that if you wait, the guards on pursuit of you will activate the elevator and you’ll go all the way back up. From the exit, turn left and follow the path to the plane.
  • Air Force One – In order to get access to a hoverbike in Crash Site, activate a switch that’s located next to a hoverbike in the level where you retrieve your equipment.You need the key card fromt he guard that activates the lift foryour equipment.

Secondary Function for the Farsight
By: The Shu (

Ever tried the secondary function for the Farsight. When you zoom, it goes through walls and you can pick them off from anywhere!!!! This is VERY handy in levels and of course multiplayer.

Fun with Cutscenes
By: Stalker (

In level 2.3 of Perfect Dark, dataDyne Extraction, it’s possible to mess with Cassandra De Vries in the ending cutscene. First, turn on all weapons and infinite ammo, and whatever else helps you beat the mission. Go through the level on any difficulty, making sure to complete all objectives. At the end, Cassandra will leave you in a room with tons of bodyguards. Get out something powerful and slaughter all the guards as fast as possible; explosives work well. Now hurry up the stairs and out the door. If you were quick, Cassandra is still standing there. If you shoot her and cover her with blood, fill her with arrows, stick dozens of combat knives in her, or a combination of the three, she’ll be like that in the ending cutscene with Mr. Blonde.

Double Death
By: Stalker (

Turn on all weapons and infinite ammo. Either turn on slow-motion single player or use combat boosts to slow down time. Shoot someone with a sedative arrow from the crossbow. While they’re falling, use B to switch to instant kill arrows and shoot them again. They’ll stop in midair and do another death animation. It’s pretty funny to watch!

Fun With Unconscious Enemies
By: Stalker (

If you use fists, the tranquilizer, crossbow on sedatives, or n-bombs, enemies will pass out, not die. If you look at the enemy’s head, you’ll see that it’s up a little bit higher than normal. If you shoot him, his head drops down, indicating that he’s dead. If you punch an unconscious enemy, or throw an n-bomb near him, he’ll grunt like you shot him. If you shoot him with enough tranquilizing arrows, he’ll die. If you throw a poison knife into him, he’ll die after 6 seconds, just like any enemy. Finally, occaisionally if you hit him with an instant kill arrow, he’ll get up and then die.

Beat on Carrington
By: BlackPntha

To beat the heck out of Daniel Carrington, go to the gadget challenges and select the cloaking device. Then go through the gadget mini level until you get to the hallway with the camera. Then put the cloaking device on and pass the camera to go to Carrington’s room. The wall should open and you can walk to Carrington. Take off the cloaking device and Daniel will go through his little schpiel, but while he is doing this quickly change to unarmed and you can punch his lights out!!

X-Ray Endings
By: KingChris (

If you’ve earned the X-Ray Scanner to use in missions, you can make all of your ending movies appear in the X-Ray view. All you have to do is turn your X-Ray Scanner on right before the end of the level, as long as you complete the last objective or get to the end of the level with the scanner on.

Devastator Shirt Hugger Mode

If you have a Devastator, switch it to wall hugger mode (its secondary function) and hit someone with the grenade, the grenade will stick to them. After a few secomds, the grenade will go off as normal, instantly killing your victim. If someone is running away from you, just hit them with one shot and the grenade will stay with them until it blows up.

More Carrington Institute Mayhem
By: slimpyman (

Ever walking in the Carrington Institute and wonder if you could bend the rules and walk through doors that were to close but can’t? Well, first go to the Base-looking place in the Institute and grab the hovering crate using the B button. Walk all the way back and take the second elevator (the first elevator won’t allow objects to get in or out). While still holding the crate, you can place this crate in any doors’ way to prevent it from closing. I have found you can keep the shooting range door open and you can load the guy who greets you up with knifes and crossbow arrows. Its funny when there’s arrows and knives sticking out of his head and he says “How are you Joanna?”. You cannot go past the door with a weapon or it will automatically end the shooting scenario. Even throwing the Laptop hun as a sentry and trying to pick it up wont work.

You can, however, take the spy cam where ever you want. Just place the crate in front of the door in the gadgetry room, go to the computer and choose to train with the SpyCam. Walk up to the table, pick up the SpyCam and then let it go. I’m sure there are more discoveries using this crate, but this is all I found out with the amount of time on my hands. Good Luck!

Duel Glitch

To do this glitch you must have the Duel level open, have beaten it on secret agent, and have the laptop gun cheat unlocked (invincibility cheat helps a lot too).

Ok here we go, turn on the laptop gun cheat (and invincible if you have it) and select the Duel level and either select secret agent or perfect agent (perfect agent is cooler). When the match begins pick the laptop gun and deploy it as a drone gun (secondary option), and the gun will kill the bad guy. when the next match comes up and you and Johnathan are back to back, the drone gun will kill him before the match begins! If you have it on perfect agent it will kill Trent the same way.

Fly By Wire Rockets through C.I.

This trick will allow you to guide a Fly-by-Wire rocket throughout the Carrington Institute using the Slayer. First, go down to the shooting range. To do this trick you need to do the trick mentioned earlier in this code list (‘Lights out in the Shooting Range’), but first you need to open the door to the shooting range, then quickly do the trick and jam the door. Press start and select the Slayer, and Bronze setting. As soon as it starts, switch to fly-by-wire mode and fire a rocket out of the glass door. Guide it to the door to the shooting range, and get it out of there before the door shuts. Now you can tour around C.I. and blow up stuff that you couldn’t before!

Floating Ammo Boxes
By: NowSober (

Much like the “Multiplayer Tips and Tactics” hint, if you shoot an ammo box in multiplayer, then grab it while it is airborne, when it reappears it will still be floating. A good use of this that I can think of is to hide the ammo for a good weapon high in the air somewhere.

Eliminate Security Lasers in Area 51 : Infiltration

I have found a neat trick to remove the lasers located in the bunker in the Area 51 : Infiltration stage. When you go down into the bunker and prepare to place the explosives, instead take a grenade, go to left near the wall, and throw it at the small, grey circular things. The grenade will blow them up but won’t blow up the whole room. Just place the explosives and walk out easily without any lasers.

Remote Mines Everywhere

In the game or in the Multi-player, equip remote mines. This will definitely work better in the Multi-player and you will agree once I tell you. Some people think remote mines are for ceilings, walls, and floors….. But, have you ever stuck one to a body? That’s right, stick them to people and then threaten them saying these simple words,” If you move I will detonate”, and sure enough they won’t move. You can now take your friends hostage!!

Blackout Mode

In any level, anywhere, (mainly in Multi-Player), Crouch once and then crouch again. Attempt to crouch a 3rd time and the screen goes black! Release the buttons and the screen returns to normal. I use this when I have remote mines placed and I go crouch up in a corner somewhere. They don’t know where you are because they can’t look on your screen!

Chair/Computer Glitch

This trick is is just for fun. Go to the shooting range in the Carrington Institute and select the Farsight. Select the Bronze setting to give you the most time. Now, aim up and to the right. Zoom in on the people at the computer where you select the cheats to turn them on. Shoot the computer and chair until they explode. Leave the shooting range and go up to that room. The computer and chair are destroyed, and the lady that was sitting on the chair, is now sitting on either air or a burnt chair. It’s pretty funny looking and be done to other people in the Institute. Have Fun!

How To Beat the Skedar Leader
By: Jason P. (

For anyone who doesn’t know this yet, the Skedar leader is on the last level if you have gone that far. Go to the last level of Perfect Dark. Start off the level by completing the objectives that you have to complete first. Then, after you have done the few objectives that you had to do first, go to the Skedar if you know where he is. He is all the way to the very end of the level. Once you see him, keep shooting him until his shield turns black. Once you get this far, you should see a sharp pointy object behind him. It has three spikes. Keep on shooting the spikes until they fall off. The much larger one is the one that kills him. Once that gets shot off, it will fall and he will get stabbed by it and eventually die. The best way to kill this is by the slayer or using the callisto. Watch out for slayers and watch out for the Skedar’s minions he sends out.

Lights Out for the Shooting Range

This is a trick to blow out some of the lights at the shooting range. First, enter the area where you shoot at the targets to earn medals. Then, stand in the center of the doorway to stop it from closing (give yourself enough room to be able to shoot guns or throw items). Then, hit the start button (if you don’t get the weapon selection menu, you may not be far enough in the range). Select an explosive (grenades work the best) and throw a couple outside the room. The lights will be blown out. I hope Carrington won’t mind paying to have them replaced.

Better Stability with the Reaper
By: slimpyman (

The reaper is a very unstable weapon to use, as the firing is completely unaccurate. This trick should make this weapon more stable. When you got the reaper equiped on the function “Reapage”, crouch all the way down (Hold R, and press Down C twice). When you start to fire, the bullets are a bit more accurate then when you are standing. This also helps in the Carrington Institute’s Firing Range. Just crouch using the Reaper on all three medals and it should be easy.

Disappearing Guns and Destruction
By: slimpyman (

Did you ever notice the classic GoldenEye 007 guns in the Carrington Institute? Wonder If you can ever destroy stuff in the Carrington Institue? Well first go to the shooting range and make sure you can practice in the range with either the Magnum, or preferably, the Farsight XR-20. Start the training in Bronze so you have the most time, and you can shoot people in the other rooms but they shake the bullets off. Fire at the guns on the side of the wall and they disappear except for the RCP-90 the rests on the ledge. When you scan around with the Farsight XR-20, you can destroy many devices in the Institute, such as the door openers and the Hovercycle. Have Fun!

Multiplayer Tips and Tactics
By: GameZkid19 ( and Jacob R.

  • You can shoot guns and ammo into dark spaces so they spawn in that area and not in the original spot. Your emeny won’t see them and they will think they have already been picked up. Just remember where you put the ammo or weapon!
  • Have you ever been extrememly low on health, about to die, and have no hope of surviving for much longer? If so, pull out a grenade, hold the Z button, and start chasing after your friends. If you’re lucky, you may kill them at the same time!

Is He Dead?

At any time in the game after killing a guard, or anyone for that matter, even a Maian or a Skedar, kneel down and change your weapon to unarmed and start beating the crap out of him. You will hear them grunt and makes noises just as if they were alive and standing. A glitch unchecked by Rare.

Ride a Hoverbike

In level 7 (Area 51: Infiltration), when you get to the part of the level where you have to open the gates to get into Area 51, go straight instead. You should see a tunnel up ahead. Go into the tunnel and when you get to the end, turn left and kill the enemies. Once they have been killed keep going straight until you see something like a hanger with 2 droid interceptors on the right. In the hangar on the left there is a hoverbike! Stand beside it and look towards it. Make sure your weapon is unarmed. Then, quickly tap the B button 2 or 3 times. You should now be on the hoverbike! You can now switch your weapon from unarmed back to a gun. The controls for the hoverbike are the same as the controls for Joanna. To get off of the hoverbike, quickly tap the B button 2 times.

Stealth Trick
By: Hokey007 (

In narrow passages there is a trick to make your life easier. Shoot out all the light along the way. It may make it harder for you to see your enemies but it also will make it harder for them to see you. This works well in areas where it is already naturally dark.

Trent Easton: Missing In Action
By: Jimbo4583 (

Once you complete Mission 5.3: Crash Site-Confrontation, the cinemas will be unlocked for viewing. There is on cinema called 5:3 Outro – Blonde Freak. This cinema plays after you complete Mission 5. In this cinema, Mr. Blonde “disposes” of Trent Easton, leaving him lying in the snow. If you watch this cinema again from the start up screen, Trent won’t be there, but you can still hear his voice. Mr. Blonde destroys air. It’s kinda funny.

Pop a Cap Gangsta’ Style
By: slimpyman (

When you are playing a solo mission and come across an enemy, disarm them and collect their weapon. If your lucky they will put their hands up and make a remark like “Dont shoot me!”, or else they will run mad attacking you until you dispose of them. When they have their hands up get close to them and you should automatically change your arm position… sideways! Pop a cap in them and they will go down Gangsta’ Style!

Unlocking Stuff in Combat Simulator
By: Insomnia ( via GameSages

Unlocking preset games:
Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.
Unlock Pistol One-Hit Kills by completing 3 Challenges.
Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges.
Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 Challenges.
Unlock Slow Motion by completing 8 Challenges.
Unlock Temple Explosives by completing 11 Challenges.
Unlock Slayer by completing 13 Challenges.
Unlock Cloaking by completing 16 Challenges.

Unlocking scenarios:
Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.
Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges.

Unlocking Arenas:
Unlock Complex by completing 1 challenge.
Unlock Warehouse by completing 3 challenges.
Unlock Ravine by completing 5 challenges.
Unlock Temple by completing 6 challenges.
Unlock G5 Building by completing 9 challenges.
Unlock Grid by completing 11 challenges.
Unlock Felicity by completing 12 challenges.
Unlock Villa by completing 14 challenges.
Unlock Sewers by completing 16 challenges.
Unlock Car Park by completing 17 challenges.
Unlock Base by completing 18 challenges.
Unlock Fortress by completing 20 challenges.
Unlock Ruins by completing 22 challenges.

Unlocking Weapons:
Unlock Farsight XR-20 by completing 1 challenge.
Unlock Grenade by completing 1 challenge.
Unlock Shotgun by completing 2 challenges.
Unlock Falcon 2 (silencer) by completing 3 challenges.
Unlock SuperDragon by completing 4 challenges.
Unlock Laptop Gun by completing 5 challenges.
Unlock Remote Mine by completing 6 challenges.
Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 challenges.
Unlock Falcon 2 (scope) by completing 8 challenges.
Unlock Reaper by completing 9 challenges.
Unlock Cloaking Device by completing 10 challenges.
Unlock Devastator by completing 11 challenges.
Unlock Proximity Mine by completing 12 challenges.
Unlock Slayer by completing 13 challenges.
Unlock Phoenix by completing 14 challenges.
Unlock Combat Boost by completing 15 challenges.
Unlock Mauler by completing 16 challenges.
Unlock Callisto NTG by completing 17 challenges.
Unlock Crossbow by completing 18 challenges.
Unlock RC-P120 by completing 19 challenges.
Unlock DY357-LX by completing 20 challenges.
Unlock N-Bomb by completing 21 challenges.
Unlock Laser by completing 22 challenges.
Unlock X-Ray Scanner by completing 23 challenges.

Cheese Locations
Level 1 – Hidden on the 5th floor.
Level 2 – Near experiment CPU.
Level 3 – 4th floor near the Dragon.
Level 4 – In the cellar near one of the exits.
Level 5 – In a toilet in the Punk Pond bar.
Level 6 – Near the Damping Field Generator.
Level 7 – There is no cheese on this stage. No, there really isn’t, even the guides don’t list one in level 7.
Level 8 – Near shortcut to locker room.
Level 9 – In an empty and useless room shaped like this: [[ ]]
Level 10 – In the area past the uniform.
Level 11 – Near the back of the lower deck.
Level 12 – Hidden in the area behind the Medical Scanner.
Level 13 – Can’t miss it, hallway, next to the first room you see.
Level 14 – Right in front of the start!
Level 15 – Behind the door that was always locked before this mission (behind the Skedar w/Mauler).
Level 16 – Behind a Skedar to the right of the Callisto, well, generally.
Level 17 – Next to the Shield (only there in A/SA) at the end of dead end tunnel (head the WRONG way at the start).

Unlocking Special Assignments
By: Insomnia ( via GameSages

Mr. Blonde’s Revenge is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Agent difficulty or higher.

Maian SOS is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Special Agent difficulty or higher.

WAR! is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Perfect Agent difficulty.

Duel is unlocked by finding all weapons in the solo missions and gaining at least a Bronze rating on each weapon at the Carrington Institute Firing Range.

Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent.

Secret Items
By: Insomnia ( via GameSages

1.1 dataDyne: Defection (Perfect Agent)
Laptop Gun:The hacker will open a locked door by the elevators.
Dual Falcon: Dropped by the helmeted guard three floors down from the roof.

1.2 dataDyne Research Investigation:
Double CMP150: Make it to the weapons cache near downstairs maintenance bots without being seen.
Proximity Mine: On perimeter of isotope room.

1.3 dataDyne Central Extraction:
DY357 Magnum: Take down the first five guards without being seen.
Grenade & Dragon: make it to the elevator without being detected. Kill the first guard after taking the elevator up. Use the Key Card he drops to access Cassandra’s office. Make a hole in the right corner of the room to find the Dragon.

2 Carrington Villa:
Devastator: Destroy crates on helipad near the villa.
Double CMP150: Kill the first sniper in under 38 seconds.
Perfect Agent: Sniper Rifle: In bathroom next to bedroom.

3.1 Chicago Stealth
BombSpy: Use barrels to explode dumpster near G5 building.
Double Falcon 2 (Scope): In Pond Punk bar.

3.2 G5 Building Reconnaissance
Crossbow: Disarm cloaked guard in first room.
Special and Perfect only: N-Bomb If you blew up the top fire escape in 3.1, it will be near the exit upstairs.

4.1 Area 51 Infiltration
Double MagSec 4: Kill red guard near comms rider. He’ll drop the other MagSec 4.

4.2 Area 51 Rescue
Phoenix: In secret room above hangar.
Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Explosive barrel lodged in a stack of crates to the right of first hall.

4.3 Area 51 Escape
Remote Mines: Get Elvis to safety in under 36 seconds.
Double Falcon 2 (Scope): Behind you in the glass lab at start.

5.1 Air Base Espionage
Double DY357 Magnum: Punch out the NSA agent near the elevator to the AF1 hangar.
Proximity Mines: Near beginning of level, past the tunnel on a snowy ledge.

5.2 Air Force One Anti-Terrorism
Double Cyclone: Punch the two Secret Service agents in the room straight ahead after the start. Their Key Cards each open a closet containing a Cyclone.

5.3 Crash Site Confrontation
Proximity Mine: Visit Elvis at his UFO.
Double DY357 -LX: Disarm Trent as he runs by you after rescuing the President.

6.1 Pelagic II Exploration
Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Do not trigger an alarm. Make it to the guard four doors from the start. Kill him and he’ll drop the Double Falcon.

6.2 Deep Sea Nullify Threat
Proximity Mines: Just past the tunnel after the large cavern (near beginning), kill the guard to the left. He’ll cough up the mines.

7 Carrington Institute Defense
Devastator: Save a single hostage in the information center.

8 Attack Ship Covert Assault
Double Mauler: Kill the Skedar in the center of the bridge.

9 Skedar Ruins Battle Shrine
Double Phoenix: Destroy two unmarked temple targets with the Devastator. The Phoenix will appear on the ledge before the canyon.

10 Mr. Blonde’s Revenge
Double CMP150: Kill Cassandra’s bodyguards near the lab elevator.

11 Maian SOS
Double DY357 -LX: Kill guard in left containment room.

11 Maian SOS
Psychosis Gun: On lab table at start.

Time Earned Cheats
By: Insomnia ( via GameSages

This chart will tell you a cheat, along with the time and difficulty that you must beat the mission in before you can get it.
NOTE: Finish under “Time Constraint” means that all you need to do is finish the mission to get the cheat.

Weapons for Jo in Solo Mission Difficulty Time Constraint
Rocket Launcher 1.3 – dataDyne Extraction Any Finish
Sniper Rifle 2 – Carrington Villa Any Finish
Super Dragon 4.3 – Area 51 Escape Any Finish
Laptop Gun 5.2 – Air Force One Any Finish
Phoenix 8 – Attack Ship Any Finish
Psychosis Gun 3.1 – Chicago Perfect 1:44
Trent’s Magnum 5.3 – Crash Site Agent 2:50
FarSight 6.2 – Deep Sea Perfect 5:13


Fun Cheats Mission Difficulty Time Constraint
DK Mode 3.1 – Chicago Any Finish
Small Jo 3.2 – G5 Building Any Finish
Small Characters 4.1 – Area 51 Infiltration Any Finish
Team Heads Only 5.1 – Air Base Any Finish
Play as Elvis Area 51 Rescue Perfect 7:00
Slow Mo Single Player 1.2 – dataDyne Investigation Any Finish


Gameplay Cheats Mission Difficulty Time Constraint
Invincible Area 51 Escape Agent 3:50
Cloaking Device 3.2 – G5 Building Agent 0:59 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
Marquis of Queensbury Rules 1.1 – dataDyne Defection Special 1:30
Jo Shield 6.2 – Deep Sea Any Finish
Super Shield 7 – Carrington Institute Defense Agent 1:12
Perfect Darkness 5.3 – Crash Site Any Finish
Enemy Rockets 6.1 – Pelagic II Any Finish
Enemy Shields 7 – Carrington Institute Defense Any Finish


Classic Weapons for Jo in Solo Medals Needed in Firing Range
PP9i All Gold
CC13 All Gold
KLO1313 All Gold
Kf7 Special All Gold
ZZT 9 mm All Gold
DMC All Gold
AR 53 All Gold
RC-P45 All Gold


Weapons Mission Difficulty Time Constraint
Classic Sight 1.1 – dataDyne Defection Any Finish
Unlimited Ammo – Laptop Gun 5.2 – Air Force One Perfect 2:59
Hurricane Fists 1.3 – dataDyne Extraction Agent 2:03 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
Unlimited Ammo 6.1 – Pelagic II Special 5:50
Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads 5.1 – Air Base Special 2:59
X-Ray Scanner 4.2 – Area 51: Rescue Any Finish
R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Location 9 – Skedar Ruins Any Finish (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
All Guns in Solo 9 – Skedar Ruins Perfect 4:07 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)


Buddies Cheat Mission Difficulty Time Constraint
Velvet Dark Have at beginning N/A N/A
Pugilist 1.2 – dataDyne Investigation Special 6:30
Hotshot 4.1 – Area 51 Infiltration Special 5:00
X-Ray Scanner 4.2 – Area 51: Rescue Any Finish
Hit and Run 2 – Carrington Villa Special 2:30
Alien 8 – Attack Ship Special 5:17