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Perfect Dark Locations

Carrington Institute
Base of Operations
The Institute building comprises of many different aread: officea and laboratories, workshops and hangars. It is quite isolated from the outside world, whick helps keep the operations covert.

Lucerne Tower
Global Headquarters
In the midst of the gusiness district, the austere skyscraper of the dataDyne Coporation stands out from the surroundings.

Laboratory Basement
Underground research labs
These heavily guarded, well-hidden labs hold the key to dataDyne’ future. Within them, techs work on top-secret projects aimes at putting dataDyne on the top of the heap.

Carrington Villa
Private coastal retread
Owned by the Institute, this secluded residence is used by Daniel Carrington as a retreat from the pressures of the Institute. As well as an observatory, it has a power generator asn an extensive wine cellar.

Backstreets of the city
A seedy, grimy part of hte city of Chicago, now closed to ground traffic. It is here that the GS Corporation has its headquarters.

GS Building
dataDyne front corporation
Inside the GS Building is a meeting room protected by anit-recording safeguards. This is the safest place for dataDyne to formulate confidential plans.

Area 51
Near Groom Bry Lake, Nevada
This section of the extensive facility known as Area 51 is based in the foothills around Groom Dry Lake. Exterior helipads and communication towers hint at the size of the complex beneath ground level.

Alaskan Air Base
Brooks Range, Alaska
One of a series of reinforced air bases available as staging posts for Air Force One. Typically, the air base is remote, in an inhospitable region, far away from prying eyes.

Air Force One
The President’s airplane
This particular Air Force One is optimized for cold climates, useful when it is based in the north of Alaska. The flight destination is Oslo, Norway.

Crash Site
Victoria Island 71N 118W
In the rocky snow-covered landscape of the Arctic Circle, the wreckage of teh stricken plane has come to rest.

Pelagic II
Specialized deep-sea research ship
Owned by the U.S. government, the Pelagic II is capable of staging deep-sea diving operations in all weather conditions. It is the only fully integrated ocean floor research vessel in the world.

Cetan Ship
The most alien environment on Earth
A huge ship of alien construction that has lain on the ocean floor for millions of years.

Skedar Assault Ship
Troop carrying spacecraft
An interplanetary assault ship that carries Skedar warriors to their war zones. Part of the much-reduced Skedar battle fleet.

Skedar Homeworld
The planet of the Battle Shrine
A highly arid planet, racked by earthquakes, sandstorms, and hurricanes. It is part of a complex solar system that includes three suns.