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Perfect Dark Vehicles

Agile troop craft
A small, fast, highly maneuverable agent-deployment craft designed for use in urban aread. Can be either computer controlled for remost piloted. It has enough room inside for three for four agents, plus equipment.

Gravity-negation device
An antigrav device designed to aid warehouse workers. It is attached to the side of a crate. When activated, the AG field lifts the crate and removes some of the inertia.

Low altitude vehicle
A low-altitude patrol bike. Uses a small AG unit to hover, then a small but powerful turbine with vectored thruse to move and provide directional control.

Cleaning Hovbot
Your helpful buddy
Keeps the place clean and tidy. Tends to have access to all aread of a building – agents are advised to leave such rovots intacct where possible, as they can unwittingly provide a means of ingress to sensitive zones.

Urban AG gunship
An urban patrol and suppression vehicle. Two-man crew, armed with a vulcan cannon on hte nose pod, and two windtip-mounted dumbfire missle pods. Can be taken out with sustained gunfire or, preferably, one will-aimed rocket.

GS Robot
Urban combat droid
A combat robot designed for urban warfare. Uses and antigrav unit to hover: heavily armed and shielded. Often used to keep out unwanted visitors, due to the ‘shoot first and don’t ask questions later’ programming.

A51 Interceptor
Robotic air interceptor
A robotic variant of the HoverBike, with more powerful AG and turbine units; it can reach Mach 2 with ease and yet can cruise for hours at walking pace. Although quite will armed, it relies on maneuverability rather that shielding.

Maian Vessel
Scout and patrol vessel
Designed to carry a single Maian pilot. A passenger would find themselves cramped – a human passenger even more.

Skedar Shuttle
Alien troop dropship
Capable of carrying ten fully armed and armored Skedar warriors to battle. Undetectable by conventional rader. It can broadcast powerful jamming waves over a considerable area – these disrupt communications as well as detection equipment.