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Perfect Dark Weapons

The AR34 is an assult rifle that fires rapidly with a 30-round magazine.

Secondary Function:

Callisto NTG

The Callisto NTG fires a green laser.

Secondary Function:
High impact shells

CMP 150

The CMP 150 is a quick firing automatic that has a 32 bullet magazine.

Secondary Function:
Lock on

Combat Knife

The Combat Knife slashes nearby enemies.

Secondary Function:
Poison-tipped knife – it is tossed up and then thrown at enemies.


The Crossbow shoots arrows.

Secondary Function:
Instant kill


A rapid firing automatic with a magazine of 50 bullets.

Secondary Function:
Discharge magazine – shoots the whole magazine by just pulling the trigger one time.


The Dy357 is a magnum that will shoot 6 bullets before you will have to reload.

Secondary Function:
Pistol whip


This is a grenade launcher with an 8-round clip.

Secondary Function:
wall hugger – will attach itself to the wall, floor, etc. and explode after about 5 seconds


The Dragon is an automatic with a magazine of thirty bullets.

Secondary Function:
Proximity mine while still in the form of the gun.

Falcon 2

The Falcon 2 is an automatic pistol with an 8-round clip.

Secondary Function:
Pistol whip

FarSight XR20

This gun will shoot through walls and with the secondary function it will lock onto enemies.

Secondary Function:
Locks on to enemies and follows them. Extremely deadly.


A Grenade will cause an explosion.

Secondary Function:
Pinball Mine

K7 Avenger

The K7 Avenger fires rapidly with a magazine of 25.

Secondary Function:
Threat Detector – it shows where there are mines, enemies, and guns.

Laptop Gun

The Laptop Gun has a magazine of 50 bullets.

Secondary Function:
sentry gun – it is like the drone gun except will only fire at your enemies.


The Laser is on Joanna’s arm. Uhhh don’t use this weapon if possible. Only advantage it has is that you don’t have to reload but the fire rate is really slow so it doesn’t matter.

MagSec 4

The MagSec 4 is a standard military pistol with a magazine of 8 bullets. It also includes a slight zoom in.

Secondary Function:
Three-shot burst


The Mauler has a 20 round clip. It has pretty good accuracy.

Secondary Function:
Mix up single shots and charge ups


The N-Bomb will cause motion blurs and cause the weapons to be dropped. Don’t get caught near a detonating N-Bomb.

Secondary Function:
Proximity detonate


The Phoenix shoots a laser.

Secondary Function:
Explosive Shells

Proximity Mines

Proximity Mines are mines that detonate when someone get near it.

Secondary Function:
Threat Detector

Psychosis Gun

The Psychosis Gun will make enemies fight with you instead of against you.
It only appears in one level (unless you get a cheat for it). Also it can’t be used
in multiplayer mode.


The RC-P120 has a 80 round clip. It has good accuracy.

Secondary Function:


The Reaper does not have very good accuracy. If you crouch it will help to make
the accuracy better. It has a 200 round clip.

Secondary Function:

Remote Mines

Remote Mines are mines that detonate with a remote.

Secondary Function:

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher shoots rockets. Very simple. Same as the rocket launcher in Goldeneye.

Secondary Function:
Targeted Rocket


The Shotgun is not the greatest weapon to use. It has a 9 round clip.

Secondary Function:
Double Blast


The Slayer shoots rockets.

Secondary Function:
Fly-by-wire rockets

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is really accurate. It can zoom in 30x. It has an 8 round clip. Accuracy is perfect if you crouch. Incredibly useful long range battle but inefficent in close range combat.

Secondary Function:

Super Dragon

The accuracy of the Super Dragon is pretty good and has a 30 round clip.
It has a 2x zoom.

Secondary Function:
Grenade launcher

Timed Mines

Timed Mines are detonated after between 4-5 seconds.

Secondary Function:
Threat Detector


The Tranquilizer will make the person disorented.

Secondary Function:
Lethal Injection. If you can get up to someone and inject them at close range it is an instant kill.