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Perfect Dark Zero – Weapons

The weapon of choice for stealth fanatics. It’s an energy weapon with a secondary that allows you to cloak. It’s a shame it needs to decloak to fire.

Laptop Gun
For tacticians. Throw this down and it turns into a sentry gun that shoots at enemy players. Put it down in a clever spot to reap the rewards.

For the paranoid. The secondary activates the threat detector mode, which highlights enemies (even cloaked ones) and hostile targets as red and friendlies as green. A cunning player can also use this to reprogram hostile enemy weapons such as the sentry gun.

Shockwave Rifle
A scout’s dream. It’s a sniper rifle with the powerful ability to see through walls, even revealing the skeletons of enemies. Line an unsuspecting enemy up as they come ’round the corner and — blam!

Psychosis Gun
Loved by the truly evil. Mess with the minds of your opponents and turn enemies against each other.